Tuesday at Midnight




Midnight Concert Radio PAF today with Olivia Lioret and Jan Ritsema, what they will play is a mystery but we know it will be wicked. Tune in and celebrate this extra ordinary radio channel dedicated to experimental music, the only radio out there that knows no decency, that share no face book friends and show no mercy. Today we broadcast exclusively on  paf-radio (due to maintenance). It’s midnight and its boogie woogie.

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Midnight Concert Tuesday at Radion PAF


– yesterday we forgot to announce the concert but I tell you, me and Fiona James were doing amazing. You can send us a request and we pass you a link… Yep. Today it’s new energy in the vocal chords and Jan is back in business. So sharpen your knives get the Ferrari out of the garage and make yourself confortable – we will aging move into the notion of sonic realism – this is sound sans relation, non of the luke warm sauce of socially engaged – I produce political situations but I’m not a political artist – we are not engaged but damn we are political. Today’s concert is dedicated to our favorite published Robin MacKey. It’s at midnight and it’s Pa-f.net

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Midnight Concert Sunday Radio PAF



- with Fiona James, Mårten Spångberg, Ed Clive and Jan Ritsema, maybe Ed is coming by today too. Hope so. It’s been a cosy Sunday at PAF, freakin cold, so we are fairly prepared to make chill out end of the week show. Nothing surprising, certainly nothing new music-ish style Elliott Sharp or help us jazzy stuff. Nope it’s a regular Sunday concert going down the wide lane of sonic materialism. pa-f.net you know when

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PAF Radion Midnight Concert, Thursday


- the world famous tuned in psychedelic vocal duo going down the wider lane of frantic sonic realism is tonight back with yet another heartbreaking exercise of commitment to the object real of the sonic entity. This is music made in Egyptian – nothing of that Kantian relations stuff that Mozart, Beethoven, Schönberg, Cage, Berio, Coletrane, Parker, Braxton, Derek Bailey, Henrix, Leonard Cohen, Madonna or even Mark Knopfler were involved in – no no no – this hieroglyphic stuff – non relational nigredo stuff – like dark shit. No it’s not horror movie, it’s not even the sound track to a Jodorosky film and fuck all that teremin over the top fiddling of the 60s – no way – this is sonic realism – and it’s with Jan Ritsema and Mårten Spångberg. Here pictured with their consultant, Perrine B. Pa-f.net at midnight – you should be scared.

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Sonic Realism


Wednesday Midnight Concert at Radion PAF – Yes, the radio is back after a very peculiar situation of technical mishaps yesterday. Radion PAF doesn’t give up but are today back with a mind blowing vocal duo formed by Jan Ritsema and Mårten Spångberg. This Wednesday also introduced the first even in a series of concerts dedicated to Sonic Realism, an address to sound as non anthropocentric non correlational as such. Aided by among others Guerino Mazzola’s writing on math and music and Meillassoux’s “After Finitude” this is not just pretentious it probably also sound like something you heard before. But Radio PAF is not here to entertain but to engage in a job, it’s not there for you but as Cutler said sometime in the 60s – “The phonograph does not hear as do ears that have been trained immediately to filter voices, words, and sounds out of noise; it registers acoustic events as such. Articulateness becomes a second-order exception in a spectrum of noise” – this is radio PAF – tune in there’s nothing there for you…

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Tuesday Midnight Concert at PAF Radio


- Tonight its open for proposals – the day after Cage is always open – you know do some mushrooms – and live the dream – we have nothing in our head and we support Ken Kesey – let’s take the buss – it’s San Francisco time. Tonight with at least one or two Perrine Bailleux, Jan Ritsema and some others – perhaps even Mårten Spångberg will do a dance. Tone in Zone out – can you smoke it?


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Tuesday Midnight Concert – John Cage was about to turn 100 this year – and as we all know Tuesdays were special for John – very special – during this anniversary spring Radion PAF will approach Tuesdays with JC in mind and not only in mind – but each Tuesday will introduce an interpretation or simply execution of one of his works. And this is only one of the series with John Cage work that Radio PAF will present up until his birthday – whenever it is in September or so… The ambition is not only to do high quality radion and present the greatest music makers we can think of but also to perform Cage’s entire opus list. Today Jan Ritsema and Perrine Bailleux will approach Cage within their specific realm of expression – a vocal based duo approaching Cage on the basis of non-relational and non-melodic expression. Tune in – this is unique

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Sunday Midnight Concert Radio PAF


– Solo is difficult, trio is piece of cake but duo that’s impossible. Duo is all the prejudice one can think of at the same time and non of the opportunities of trio or ensemble situations. Starting tonight Radio PAF present extensive series of duos often contaminated by amourosity, competition, age, beauty, skill and endless unspoken opportunities for conflict and the production of extraordinary sonic landscapes as violent, sentimental and absolutely trembling as only duos can be. Fuck couples therapy this is so much worse. Tonight first out the superduo Perrine Bailleux (vocals) and Jan Ritsema (vocals). Wish them luck they don’t know what they are doing – but then again nor did Leonardo and Kate in Titanic.

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Friday Night Midnight Concert Radio PAF


– it’s wild it’s hard it’s heavy – it’s in-fuckin-dependent in the bad sense of the word – it’s paranoid in the good sense of the word – and fuck schizophrenia – it’s not worth the trouble and wont produce nothing like a collapse – so listen up – it’s concert time in 33 minutes and you better open your ears. Tune in – get high – lighten up – have sex – bring it on – CAPITALISM

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Thursday Night Radion PAF


- its now or never – tonight concert homage to Jan Ritsema – who will go to Paris for a couple of days – who will perform tomorrow OMG – but today it’s gonna be a bunch of people singing – addressing sound as motherfuckin objects. Listen in Bob

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